Commission Pricing


Icons/Avatars  ~  $10

These are your typical avatar type icons. You will receive 3 sizes (100x100, 250x250, &500x500).



Con Badges  ~  $20

These are full bust badges available in many styles.and in all types of mediums. They can be prepared as a typical lamination, or to save shipping, you can get it as a digital file to do what you will with it! (Price does not include S&H)

Basic Sketch

Basic Sketch  ~  $15

This is a quick, rough sketch done for you. It won't posses high detail but it will have the same 200% effort put into it as any of my other work! (No changes can be made to this level)

Advanced Sketch

Pencil Rendering  ~  $25

This is a full pencil rendering. It will include a single rough sketch that will be approved by you giving you to make any changes you see fit during that one session. Upon your approval the image will be fully rendered in pencil.

Line Art

Line Art/Ink  ~  $20

I can take your picture as far as an inked piece, which will have the same rough sketch/approval process as an advanced sketch and then will be fully finished into a simplified ink piece. I can also take your existing sketches from any sources and ink them for you! (You must provide proof of other artist's approval to allow you/me to work their work. NO EXCEPTIONS)

Flat Colors

Flat Colors  ~  $30

The next step after ink, I can add flat colors to your pic as well as I can paint in textures if you wish it (i.e. wood, metal, glass, etc.).

Marker - Prisma

Marker  ~  $40

Traditional mediums of PrismaColor Markers give these pics a lasting and brilliant look. Less shading and much more of a pop art appearance!

Colored Pencil

Colored Pencil  ~  $40

My more popular medium option! Colored pencil allows for a rougher, more artist look, yet is pulls off a softer overall feel. It also allows for shading, and advanced effects!


Basic Digital

Basic Digital  ~  $60

Your entry digital option, this is closet compared with cel shading, only with more care. Simple colors and effects, simple backgrounds etc.

Advanced Digital

A budget option, attention is given to the subjects to create amazing detail, while popping off the screen by contrasting against loving simplicity.

Ultra Detail

Flat Rate Ultra Detail  ~ $100

THIS IS IT!!! This is what you want! With amazing detail given to both subject and environment, you are immortalizing your character! As many details as you can muster, all at a flat rate that doesn't waver on you!

Ref Sheets

Character Sheets  ~ $50

These usually use bases to achieve an ultra fast turn around time and make them available at such a low price, however I can do a full sheet from scratch for you! Those will be priced based off complexity, so just let me know what you're looking for and we can work on a quote together! Be aware tho that you may be able to get an impressive result just using these stock bases anyway!

Comic Pages

Comic Pages  ~  $125

Of course I can also take on comic projects no mater how large or small. If you'r just looking for a little two pager with a pinup scene or a large issue, I charge by the page and complexity of the job unless your wanting a large order (5 pages or more) and I will give you a bundled price for the entire project.

Add a Character

Add-a-Character  ~  $10

Each additional character incurs this small upcharge unless negotiated with me. ^_^

Advanced Backgrounds

Advanced Backgrounds  ~  $10 - $25

This option allows you to have an awesome background included . This completes a scene with anything from location photography, painterly effects, or anything you're looking for! also if you are looking for hand drawn backgrounds with good perspective, I can do those too! They are a little more expensive but you can trust they are well worth it!